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Khaled share with us

I met the love of my life through [Hawaya]. We were engaged for a year, and now we’ve been married for 4 months! Truly, without the application, I don’t think I ever would have gotten married because I couldn’t imagine finding the perfect partner for me, who understands me the way Hagar does. As soon as I met her, we had an instant connection. We’re made for one another ❤️

Mahmoud commented on her story saying

I matched with my fiancée on the very same day that I downloaded Hawaya. We got to know one another and quickly discovered how compatible we are with each other. We even share the same loud laugh and so many of the same features! Thanks, Hawaya!


I want to thank this great app because it led me to find the life partner I’ve always been searching for! Thank you to everyone on this great team for creating this innovative app and staying with me on my journey until I found the love of my life!


You’re the reason behind my marriage and the love of my life! Really, thank you. We found each other on the app and God blessed me with my amazing husband, the best man in the world. You really do the best kind of work here.