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what is hawaya?
what is hawaya?
what is hawaya?

7 Signs to Look Out for When Picking the Right Guy for You

by Hawaya Team

  1. He respects you

He respects your personality, your interests, and the way you think. He supports you in achieving your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they are. 


  1. He is emotionally mature 

You’re able to communicate comfortably and effectively with him, without fearing that any disagreement will prompt him to end the relationship. 


  1. He’s the first on your mind 

In good times and bad, he’s the first person you want to call. Whether you need a pick-me-up because you’re going through a hard time, or you want to share some great news, he’s the first person you want to share these feelings with. 


  1. You share the same values and goals 

He believes in the same values and principles that you believe in. You two share the same life goals and aspirations for yourselves and there’s a strong foundation of mutual understanding between you. 


  1. Intellectual attraction 

It’s important that you’re comfortable with the way that he thinks, his priorities, and his beliefs – and that you feel secure challenging them if you ever feel the need to. 


  1. Shared backgrounds 

He behaves in a similar way to you and you share the same perception on what’s right and wrong. His family is similar to yours and they’re both comfortable interacting with one another. It's easy for you to imagine them meshing into one big, happy family.  


  1. He’s secure in himself 

He’s secure and fulfilled on an emotional level. He doesn’t need you to constantly display signs of reassurance or do things that make him feel “good enough.” He knows you love him because of all the normal, everyday things that you do and he doesn’t expect a constant stream of big gestures from you. He has enough confidence in himself to know that you’re happy with him. 



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