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Belgium fights Monday blues with online dating

Online dating is hot. Worldwide swiping singles are paving the way for the online dating scene. On the bus, in their seats, on the toilet - thanks to the almighty smartphone there’s always a match to be made. But is swiping only done in private, or do Belgians also look to make a match during their work day? The Belgian dating app Twoo reviewed the surfing behavior of 80,000 Belgians and did some research. So what’s the conclusion? Work or no work, Belgians regularly turn to online dating on Mondays.

Monday blues are… Read more

1 in 5 Belgians are against the smoking ban in bars

Tomorrow is World No Tobacco Day, a worldwide campaign created by the World Health Organisation to highlight the risks associated with tobacco use. In light of that day, dating app Twoo dove into their database of more than 1,500,000 Belgian members to see their thoughts on the unhealthy habit. The influence of smoking on our health is obvious, but what about the impact smoking has on our social lives?

Smoking, is it a major deal breaker?
The data reveals that 32%… Read more

Women aim high!

November 11th is Women’s Day in Belgium, the ideal opportunity for dating site Twoo to ask its members about their opinion on relationships. Women seem to be more demanding when it comes to the financial organisation of the household, but they also attach more importance to the level of education of their potential partner.

Numbers show that women want more independence when it comes to finances than men.
37.5% of women claims they don’t want joint accounts, while only 14.3% of men is against it. Out of the group of… Read more

1 in 5 would give up meat for their partner

In light of World Vegan Day on November 1st, dating app Twoo conducted a survey among its Belgian users about the impact of veganism and vegetarianism on dating. Even though the ideals of omnivores and vegans/vegetarians differ greatly, the two seem to be reconcilable in the dating process.

Almost 1 in 10 Belgian users on Twoo says they already are vegan or vegetarian, a number seemingly surpassing the national average. The results become really interesting when we look at the answers of those who do not follow a… Read more

Over-sixties don’t take safe sex too seriously

Over-sixties who are dating want to proceed to sex quickly. However, half of them has never done an STD test. On top of that, only a minority uses protection when having sex. These are the results we found after conducting a survey among our members.
“A lot of progress has been made when it comes to discussing sex, but it’s clear that there’s still a lot of work to be done in that area”, says Eline Van Audenaerde, spokesperson of Twoo.

People over 60 prove that you’re never too old to have sex. They’re still very… Read more

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